Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mohamed Abdel Wahhab - Don't Kiss Me on the Eyeمحمد عبد الوهاب - بلاش تبوسني في عنياBalash Tebousni fi Anaya

This song requires a piece of cultural knowledge. When kissing someone goodbye, if it is going to be a long separation or even permanent farewell you might kiss them on their eye. Thus, Mohamed Abdel Wahhab says "don't kiss me on the eye" because he does not want it to be a final farewell.

There is a common misunderstanding of this lyric to be بلاش تبصني في عنيا by some because this phrase, which means "don't look me in the eye", sounds a lot like بلاش تبوسني في عنيا and is a much more common phrase.

I could not find the full lyrics online and don't dare try to decipher them since they are very long and the recording is old. If anyone can find the full lyrics it would be appreciated.

Mohamed Abdel Wahab - Don't Kiss Me on the Eye

Don't kiss me on the eye
Kissing the eye means splitting up
But maybe one day you'll come back to me
And my heart's dream will come true

Let's say goodbye without kissing
So that I can have some hope
Don't kiss me on the eye

محمد عبد الوهاب - بلاش تبوسني في عنيا

بلاش تبوسني في عينيا
دي البوسه في العين تفرق
يمكن في يوم ترجع اليا
والقلب حلمه يتحقق
خلي الوداع من غير قبل
علشان يكون عندي أمل
وبلاش تبوسني في عينيا

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